I help my clients design and implement marketing strategies that captivate their customers. 

You have goals and a great vision for your business, but there are a million ways to get there. I’m here to help. We’ll position your business so you show up at just the right moment in your buyer’s journey with just the right offer. 


I know what it’s like to run a business. And that’s why I’m here to help you.

I’ve been running businesses since I was in high school, so I know the things you struggle with. I been through the trenches.

I ran a car detailing business in high school, a book editing business in college, and I now run an independent book publishing house and a podcast production company. After all these years, I’ve gotten really good at marketing—you have to master it or your business dies. But for me, managing a business eventually gets boring, and now I prefer to put my energy into helping other people build their businesses.

I’ve worked with all kinds of clients, from artists and authors to healthcare companies and non-profits.

All were interesting, all presented unique problems. And that’s why I know I can help you. I love learning, and I find new businesses fascinating. I’ll learn the ins and outs of your industry and apply them to a custom marketing strategy.


I'll help you build a solid digital foundation and marketing strategy that will captivate your customers. 


Web Development

I build beautiful, mobile-friendly websites that you can manage yourself. Need an ecommerce platform? I’ve got you covered.

Content Marketing

People crave information, and if you can provide them with helpful resources they’ll turn into your customers.

SEO & Analytics

I’ll help you optimize your pages and blog content for SEO and help analyze web traffic data. 


Social Media

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and more— I’ll help you create and implement a social media strategy so you’re not just shooting in the dark. 


Every business needs a personality and visual identity that suits its customers. We’ll create one. 

Email Marketing

Despite all the excitement about social media, email is still by far the most effective way to convert prospects into paying customers. 


Recent Projects


Every client is different, but my process always follows the same four crucial steps.

1. I'll start by learning all about your business and your goals.

I want to know what you’re trying to get out of business. Is it to have more free time? Is it to build a community? Is it to build awareness? We’ll talk numbers. What are your sales now? Where do you want to be?

I work with clients at whatever their comfort level is. Some need simple, some need complicated. Some want DIY, some want full-service. Because of that, we can implement all types of websites. From very simple sites (like this one!) to complicated sites with memberships and online course functionality. Everybody is different.

2. We'll figure out what your clients need at each stage of the buying journey.

Every organization has something to sell, and it doesn’t have to even be a product or service; non-profits are selling their causes to get donations.

Different types of customers need different marketing approaches. Do your buyers make impulse buys? Or does your business develop leads into prospects and then into customers?

3. We’ll create a marketing strategy that meets your goals and your clients’ needs.

What timeframe are you working with? What is your budget? What do your clients need right now, and what will they need in the future?

Some business only need a content marketing strategy, while others might only need social media or email campaigns. Some need PR and paid advertising. All businesses are different, and we’ll create a plan that works for you.

4. I’ll help you implement the marketing strategy.

We’ll usually start by making sure we get the branding right, because this is what gives a business its personality. We’ll then incorporate the branding into a new website and begin using it for email marketing lead generation. We’ll then engage in targeted social media and email campaigns. Awareness is the pathway to sales.


Whether you're raring to go or still have a few questions, I'd love to meet you!

Please send a brief message introducing yourself, your project, and any questions you have. Thanks!

I’m actually a real person and you can find me on Facebook here and on LinkedIn here, but I’m not very good about using them. Too many interesting things to do in the world!

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