Book: Writings of Pain, Writings of Hope

This collection of poetry and prose was a happy accident. I was working with the author on another of his books (Beating Depression, forthcoming) and he wanted to include some of the poetry he wrote when was struggling with severe depression. He showed me what he had, and it soon became clear that this work was much more substantial than he thought. I mentioned that it could probably stand on its own as a poetry collection and he loved the idea.

The goal of the book is to give the reader  an intimate look into the thoughts of a suicidally-depressed Christian leader. Many books have been written about depression, but few have the raw emotional grittiness of this collection. It follows the natural story arc of his depression: it starts out in minor melancholy, but with a few hints of what’s to come. As time goes on, the writings get darker and darker, showing his journey into despair and attempted suicide. Then the writings chronicle his experience in a mental hospital, and things finally turn positive. The last of his poems reflect a much happier state, but still reveal how hard it is to live with such raw emotional wounds and permanent sensitivity just under the surface. 

I am honored to be a part of this project, and I think it will give a lot of people a much-needed glimpse into experience of depression. Hopefully this work will help readers understand what they themselves, or people they know, are going through. 

This book is currently in pre-production.

Book: Abandoned and Betrayed by God

Wow, what a productive author! Jim worked with me to finish another of his longtime projects. I coached the author through the process of compiling over 10 years of writing into a manuscript. Once I began the developmental editing process, I was able to cut 25% of the book without any loss of content or style. Both the author and test readers agree that the book is now much easier to read because it is free of fluff. 

Book Description:
Are you experiencing a “dark night of the soul”?

  • Do you feel like God has abandoned you? Is his silence deafening? His inaction hurtful?
  • Are you simmering with resentment because it seems like he has betrayed you?
  • Do you feel alone, alienated from other Christians? Do they simply not understand? Do they change the subject? Offer mushy platitudes? Sting you with spiritual judgments?
  • Do you desperately want to reconnect with God?

Abandoned and Betrayed by God shares effective steps many have taken to rebuild their relationship with God. In this book, Dr. Stout grapples with knotty faith issues in his own and others' lives. With raw honesty, he shares his personal faith story and offers practical steps that he and many others have taken to survive and rebuild from the fierce storms of a faith crisis.

Find out more at the author’s website here.

Book: Boundary Settings for Clergy and Ministry Workers

I worked with the author to develop another version of his previous book Boundary Setting. This book is geared towards Christian professionals. It deals with many ministry-specific things not included in the first book, including how to deal with the 24/7 demands of church members and the stress of being in a high-visibility job. 

The book has been received enthusiastically, and the author reports that one pastor brought a box of the books to Africa to use as  curriculum for a pastor’s conference. Well done Jim!

Find out more at the author’s website here.

Book Description:

Want to increase your effectiveness and protect your ministry?

This book will help you:

  • Develop workable ways to follow through on your real priorities
  • Make the most of your time and reduce wasted effort
  • Pare down or eliminate toxic situations
  • Reduce the negative impact of energy-draining people
  • Protect yourself from emotional or verbal abuse

You will learn life-enhancing boundary setting tips from others who've "been there."

Book: Boundary Setting: A Practical Guide

This is the second book I’ve edited for Dr. Jim Stout. It is a self-help book focused on creating and maintaining healthy boundaries. The author does a lot of one-on-one counseling and has needed a resource like this to give to his clients. After many hours of fruitless searching, he just decided to write his own book.

Find out more at the author’s website here.

Book Description:

Want to increase your effectiveness and improve your relationships? This book will teach you  life-enhancing tips about setting and maintaining boundaries.  Learn from others who've "been there" about how to: 

  • develop workable ways to follow through on your real priorities; 
  • make the most of your time and reduce wasted effort;
  • pare down or eliminate toxic situations;
  • reduce the negative impact of energy-draining people; and
  • protect yourself from emotional or verbal abuse.    

Book: Recovering and Rebuilding from a Severe Mental Illness

I’m working with a new author who has nearly a dozen books in various stages of writing. He recently retired and is now working full time to finish his book projects. This is his first one, a short book sharing his personal story of faith and how he recovered from crippling depression and bipolar disorder. 

Find out more at the author’s website here

Book Description:

Don’t suffer any longer! Learn how to reclaim your life and move forward. 

Are you tired of merely existing from day to day with your illness? Want to move from dwelling on, "Why me?" to thinking, "What can I do to make the best of it?"

Learn life-saving tips from a fellow struggler who has "been there." In this raw, honest book, Dr. Stout shares his personal testimony and shares practical steps you can take to overcome the effects of mental illness in your own life. Don't just survive—Thrive!