Book: Abandoned and Betrayed by God

Wow, what a productive author! Jim worked with me to finish another of his longtime projects. I coached the author through the process of compiling over 10 years of writing into a manuscript. Once I began the developmental editing process, I was able to cut 25% of the book without any loss of content or style. Both the author and test readers agree that the book is now much easier to read because it is free of fluff. 

Book Description:
Are you experiencing a “dark night of the soul”?

  • Do you feel like God has abandoned you? Is his silence deafening? His inaction hurtful?
  • Are you simmering with resentment because it seems like he has betrayed you?
  • Do you feel alone, alienated from other Christians? Do they simply not understand? Do they change the subject? Offer mushy platitudes? Sting you with spiritual judgments?
  • Do you desperately want to reconnect with God?

Abandoned and Betrayed by God shares effective steps many have taken to rebuild their relationship with God. In this book, Dr. Stout grapples with knotty faith issues in his own and others' lives. With raw honesty, he shares his personal faith story and offers practical steps that he and many others have taken to survive and rebuild from the fierce storms of a faith crisis.

Find out more at the author’s website here.