Book: Boundary Setting: A Practical Guide

This is the second book I’ve edited for Dr. Jim Stout. It is a self-help book focused on creating and maintaining healthy boundaries. The author does a lot of one-on-one counseling and has needed a resource like this to give to his clients. After many hours of fruitless searching, he just decided to write his own book.

Find out more at the author’s website here.

Book Description:

Want to increase your effectiveness and improve your relationships? This book will teach you  life-enhancing tips about setting and maintaining boundaries.  Learn from others who've "been there" about how to: 

  • develop workable ways to follow through on your real priorities; 
  • make the most of your time and reduce wasted effort;
  • pare down or eliminate toxic situations;
  • reduce the negative impact of energy-draining people; and
  • protect yourself from emotional or verbal abuse.