Book: Boundary Settings for Clergy and Ministry Workers

I worked with the author to develop another version of his previous book Boundary Setting. This book is geared towards Christian professionals. It deals with many ministry-specific things not included in the first book, including how to deal with the 24/7 demands of church members and the stress of being in a high-visibility job. 

The book has been received enthusiastically, and the author reports that one pastor brought a box of the books to Africa to use as  curriculum for a pastor’s conference. Well done Jim!

Find out more at the author’s website here.

Book Description:

Want to increase your effectiveness and protect your ministry?

This book will help you:

  • Develop workable ways to follow through on your real priorities
  • Make the most of your time and reduce wasted effort
  • Pare down or eliminate toxic situations
  • Reduce the negative impact of energy-draining people
  • Protect yourself from emotional or verbal abuse

You will learn life-enhancing boundary setting tips from others who've "been there."