Book: Recovering and Rebuilding from a Severe Mental Illness

I’m working with a new author who has nearly a dozen books in various stages of writing. He recently retired and is now working full time to finish his book projects. This is his first one, a short book sharing his personal story of faith and how he recovered from crippling depression and bipolar disorder. 

Find out more at the author’s website here

Book Description:

Don’t suffer any longer! Learn how to reclaim your life and move forward. 

Are you tired of merely existing from day to day with your illness? Want to move from dwelling on, "Why me?" to thinking, "What can I do to make the best of it?"

Learn life-saving tips from a fellow struggler who has "been there." In this raw, honest book, Dr. Stout shares his personal testimony and shares practical steps you can take to overcome the effects of mental illness in your own life. Don't just survive—Thrive!