Book Editing

Editing can make or break a book. It ensures that your reader never gets frustrated with the small stuff. This process looks for pacing and flow issues, confusing phrasing, misspellings, grammatical errors, and much more.

Developmental Editing — This round of editing looks primarily at structure. We’ll fix content flow issues, look at transitions, and cut out the fluff. We’ll make sure the pacing is genre-appropriate, and cut out any content that slows the reader or doesn’t support the message.

Copyediting — In this step, we make sure all the writing conforms to Chicago Manual of Style 16th Edition rules. This includes details like fixing minor syntax problems, applying correct spelling and grammatical conventions, adjusting list formatting, and verifying correct citation formatting. A thorough copyedit will ensure that all your text flows well and that your book fits the publishing conventions of your genre.

Proofreading — All books have mistakes, and sometimes they’re even fun to spot. We, however, like our books to be as perfect as possible right out of the gate. We have dedicated proofreaders, separate from our copyeditors, because if one person does both copyediting and proofreading, the editor can become blind to mistakes.