Podcast Editing

The goal of any podcast edit is to make it as listenable as possible. What that means is that there is minimal background noise, few um's or likes or tripping over words, and seemingly endless stories. It’s like editing a book: you want the minimal possible content that accurately conveys your message. It’s more powerful that way. 

I don’t shoot for perfection. First, it’s not possible. Second, it’s very expensive. And third, it's unnecessary. Your listeners don’t care if it’s perfect, just if it’s easy to listen to. All they want is something that is concise and easy to follow. 

It’s all about the listener. Anything that the listener would find annoying, and that I can easily edit out, I do. 

I’ll remove:

  • ums
  • likes
  • coughs
  • lip smacking 
  • clicks
  • sneezes
  • stuttering
  • and much more

In addition to purely editing services, I can finish your podcast with all sorts of post-production work. 

Optional Extras:

  • Edit extra audio down to meet time goal
  • Uploading to web
  • I can flag and type quotes
  • metadata tag
  • plus much more